English Quest Reviewed in the Sheffield Star

Posted on 9 December, 2010 12:08 pm

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English Quest, the traditional family board game, has received a terrific review in the Sheffield Star!
They say:
Sometimes the request to spend some quality family time is enough to make the kids start claiming boredom – so we put a traditional board game to the test.

Forget Wii, X Box and PS3, our young group of players loved every minute.

A pile of golden coins, a map board, half a dozen counters, piles of seemingly impossible questions and a few cheeky forfeits – what more could they ask for?

Nothing needed recharging, there was no fighting over who took the control and there were plenty of smiles. OK there might be a bit of grumbling about not winning but there’s always the next game.

English Quest is more fun the more people play it and if you are after a family games night it might be best to ‘share out’ the oldies.

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As the article concludes, now that the Festive Season is almost upon us, what better way could there be to while away the long evenings but by a playing a traditional family board game?

Pick up a copy of English Quest in time for Christmas!

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