Board Games: It’s All About the Social!

Posted on 15 December, 2010 11:21 am

We already know that times are tight and purse strings have been tightened this Christmas. As a result, the trend has seen families eschew the traditional 21st century gifts of expensive electronic gaming machines like Xbox 360s and PS3s and opt for more affordable gifts.

With decent board games falling firmly into the “affordable gift” category, it’s no surprise that sale of board games are on the increase this Christmas.

This report from the New Westminster New Leader is particularly telling.

“”Board games are also more affordable and they “never wear out.” And they’re no longer limited to those titles that have entered the pop culture lexicon, such as Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit.

There’s a whole new generation of strategy games, developed in Europe, that let players explore a myriad of options that wouldn’t be possible in real life, such as starting a war or settling in a new land.”

Can board games compete for the attention of our youngsters who may be better used to gripping a plastic control than a die?

““Parents think their kids won’t catch on, but kids’ minds are like a sponge,” Krilow said. “They pick up on the games and rarely need to ask questions.”

He’s noticed that some parents like to get their children interested in board games because of the social factor, and so they’ll learn to think strategically.

While video games develop hand-eye coordination, people mostly play against the computer, there’s no real strategy involved, and when players make it to the very end of the game, that’s it, he said. Board games, on the other hand, require social interaction and thinking with different mindsets.”

And that brings us to the social aspect. The article paints this scene:

“If you see upwards of 20 people huddled around board games at Me-N-Ed’s Pizza Parlor in Burnaby, it must be the first Tuesday of the month.

Meetup groups, in which get-togethers of likeminded folks are organized over the Internet, have been a boon to board game aficionados in keeping interest in their hobby alive.”

At Quest Board Games we wholehearted support the social aspect of board game playing.

Yes, you should get together with your friends, get some great snacks and drinks and spend long evenings this winter immersed in the world of board games.

Yes, you should put down the game controller, turn off the TV and engage those long forgotten parts of your brain that only board games can reach!

We’d like you to go one step further. Engage with technology while you do it! Arrange your board game meet-ups on Twitter (using the hashtag #quest) or Facebook. Report on who’s winning, who’s losing, who’s hopeless!

By doing so you’ll be part of the social Quest Games community and ton of fun while you’re doing it. And the technophiles among you will be satisfied too, especially if you put them in charge of the Twitter updates!

You can also upload your festive board game playing anctics on our Facebook Page, photos or videos please.

Let’s get social this Christmas with Quest Board Games!

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