Exclusive! Quest Life Aim for Xmas #1 Spot with “Santa is Irish”

Posted on 13 December, 2010 11:10 am

This is unbelievable! Another claim to own Santa, this time from Ireland’s own “Quest Life“.

In their brand new single, “Santa Is Irish”, they claim;

Santa is Irish, he’s loved everywhere he goes,
He moved from Dublin to Lapland, following Rudolf’s nose.
Don’t you know,
Santa is Irish, come on make a fuss?
Give him the chance and he’ll do River Dance, of course he’s one of us.

Quest Life have issued the following statement:

For the last 5 Christmases we’ve had to put up with the song Santa’s A Scotsman–
the annoyingly catchy ditty penned by The Scottish Quest All Stars that claims
Santa belongs to our Celtic cousins in Scotland. They even managed to get their
song to number one in 2006!
Every year it seems to get played on BBC Radio 2 and on radio stations
throughout Scotland! Wherever there’s a Scotsman in December – Santa’s A
Scotsman isn’t too far away!
Well – this year, we can’t take it anymore and thankfully we’ve discovered this
amazing song by a group called Quest Life. It’s called Santa Is Irish.
You can listen to Quest Life’s “Santa is Irish” below and you can download it from iTunes.

Let’s get Ireland to #1 this Christmas!

Santa Is Irish by The Irish Quest All-Stars featuring Quest Life

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