National Pride This Christmas With Santa Quest

Posted on 15 December, 2010 15:44 pm

From Rhoda Reviews:

In the not so distant future I’m going to be reviewing The Quest games, both the downloadable versions and the board game. In the meantime I have some nice Christmassy songs to share with you!

If you aren’t familiar with the Quest games, they are a series that tests your knowledge of your nation. With the Scottish QuestEnglish Quest, Irish Quest and Welsh Quest games available there’s something for everyone. Keep an eye out for my new review for more information!

The reason I mention the games is because the people at Quest have brought out 4 Christmas songs – one for each nation! I have had the pleasure of listening to both the Scottish one (Santa’s A Scotsman) and the English version (Santa’s from England) and they are unbelievably catchy!

Read the rest of Rhoda’s post on her blog!

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