Playing the Game – What’s the Purpose of “Jester” Cards?

Posted on 14 December, 2010 11:13 am

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English Quest includes a number of key elements that influence how the game is played and the strategies you’ll need to form as you play. One such element is Jester Cards.

To understand Jester Cards it’s perhaps best to think of them in terms of “Chance” cards in Monopoly. As you play English Quest, each throw of the die will dictate how many moves you can make on the map.

You may find that your destination is going to be a Jester location or a category that perhaps isn’t your strong point! For example, you may be trying to avoid History questions, but in so doing you need to land on a Jester location.

Are you going to chance taking a Jester Card?

Like “Chance” cards, Jester Cards are a bit of pot luck; it may be good news or it may be not such good news, you won’t know until you turn the top-most card over! But they tend to be better than bad for you and more often than not thwart the other players, so have some fun with them!

For example, may be greeted with the message:

Insulted the Beefeater at the Tower of London. Miss a turn as locked in the Tower.

Or you may find:

You’ve won the ‘World Gurning Championships’ in Egremont. Collect 2 coins prize from the bank.

As you can see, Jester Cards are about chance. You take a chance, you turn over a Jester Card!

How have Jester Cards helped you win – or lose! – English Quest?

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