Rhonda Reviews English Quest

Posted on 24 December, 2010 13:19 pm

Rhonda does an excellent job of reviewing English Quest, including explaining in easily understandable terms the role of the sovereigns (watch out for our own blog post on this), Jester cards and what the ‘black dots‘ mean on the question cards.

She also put the game through a fairly rigorous ‘road test’;

We tested this game with two separate sets of people.  The first was a couple of friends of our age. We had a great game, and even though I’m not English I managed to answer a lot of the questions. In fact it vastly improved my geography of the country! We loved how mobile the game is, as their toddler son needed to be put to bed we just shifted the game upstairs and continued to play!  All in all the game went down very well.

The second lot of testers were our sisters, a boyfriend, my in-laws and my husband’s Gran (91 years young!). I was somewhat retiscent as to how these varying age ranges would embrace the game, however it was a huge hit. There is such a range and breadth of questions that there is something for everyone, young and old! I also love the fact it’s multiple choice so you can make an educated guess if you aren’t sure of the answer. Personally I found this a huge relief as I really do not enjoy games that make you feel intellectually inadequate.

Many thanks to Rhonda for her review, and as she points out, you can pick up a copy of English Quest for you, your friends and your family via our website.

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