Santa’s a Welshman – Official Press Release

Posted on 15 December, 2010 15:53 pm

The re-release of Santa’s A Scotsman – in a bid to snatch the Christmas No 1 slot – has unleashed a patriotic fightback from the valleys, as The Welsh Quest All Stars unveil the catchy festive song, Santa’s A Welshman.

In a unique collaboration with the Starry-o-Phonics, The Welsh Quest All Stars have responded to the cheeky claims from our celtic cousins in Scotland that Santa belongs to them.

After listening to Santa’s a Welshman, there’s no doubt whatsoever that Saint Nick hails from the land of the Red Dragon and is very fond of a glass or two of Felin Foel and a generous chunk of laver bread.

Richard Melvin, a member of The Welsh Quest All Stars, commented;

“After spending the last five Christmases hearing Santa’s a Scotsman played on Radio 2 and on Scotland’s regional radio stations, we decided that enough was enough. It’s about time that Wales reclaimed theman in the red suit as their own and Santa’s a Welshman is our response to our kilted celtic cousins in Scotland.”

Santa is A Welshman, he’s loved everywhere he goes,
He moved from Cardiff to Lapland, following Rudolf’s nose.
Don’t you know?
Santa is A Welshman, come on now boys, make a fuss,
He’s never too tired to sing in the choir, of course he’s one of us.

The song can be downloaded online at various music outlets including iTunes, and

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