Scary Step-Kids? Board Games Could Be the Answer

Posted on 20 December, 2010 9:27 am

The Daily Mail, under the heading “Your Christmas dilemmas solved! Irritating in-laws? Brattish stepkids? Don’t worry, our panel of experts is here to help…”, was posed this “dilemma”:

This is my first Christmas as a stepmother. My husband’s sons aged seven and nine are coming to us on Boxing Day. I’m still nervous around them and am worried they’ll be overwrought, plus we can’t afford to get them many presents. How can I make sure we all enjoy ourselves?

The Daily Mail’s “panel of experts” are obviously a wise bunch, as Susan Quilliam suggested:

The key is not going to be how many presents you buy; it’s the emotional atmosphere you create. Pick activities that burn off adrenaline, such as a ­country walk, or calm them down, such as board games or videos. Give them space to chill out, time with their dad and, above all, affection.

What a great solution, and not just for “scary step-kids”!

We heartily agree; board games are the way to create that calm, traditional, family atmosphere this Christmas and you can start by picking up a Quest Game today!

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