Toy Talk With Lynne Cadenhead

Posted on 10 December, 2010 16:33 pm

There are lots of ways to come up with a concept for a new game. Lynne Cadenhead’s inspiration came while climbing a ladder to retrieve another board game from her attic. After a lot of hard work, Scottish Quest was launched under her new company banner, 1745 Trading Company. We caught up with Lynne following the launch of three new versions of Quest and found that she has no intention of stopping there…

So says the introduction to Toy Talk’s interview with Quest Games creator Lynne Cadenhead.

Like any board game, the Quest games have elements and features that determine the way the game is played and the strategies that players need to adopt.

In the interview, Lynne explains some of the features in Quest games, what their purpose is and how the impact the playability of the game for families;

The other elements of the sovereigns being used to pay for travel fares and the ‘Jesters’ came in later to add a bit more strategy and luck into the game-play. Ultimately, when the whole game play is pulled together, what it really means is that everyone has a fairly equal chance of winning the game, regardless of what they really know about the country, and that is what makes it into an excellent family game that can be played by a group of people of a wide variety of ages and knowledge.

Lynne also reveals what’s driven her to develop the Quest board games;

I am driven by the thought that this product genuinely helps families and friends bond, share memories, laugh, interact and spend quality time together learning about their own country. And if we are honest, we could probably all do with knowing a wee bit more about the countries we live in!

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