What Was Mary McMullen Noted For?

Posted on 18 January, 2011 12:18 pm

Yesterday on the Irish Quest Twitter stream we posed you this question:

What Was Mary McMullen Noted For?

If you’d been asked this question while playing the Irish Quest family board game, you’d have noticed a black dot next to the question.

This denotes that a further explanation to the answer is available in the the Quest Quiz Book.

Locating your question in the book provides you with a bit more detail on the answer. So, regarding Mary McMullen we learn:

Born in 1764, Mary McMullen left Ireland to go to England and became famous in the fashionable sport of the period – walking for money – becoming known as the ‘Female Pedestrian’, walking whilst dressed in full Victorian clothes. Her favourite feat was completing a walk of 148 km in under 24 hours.

We’re not sure ‘Female Pedestrian’ walking is the most boring sport in history or the most ingenious…Is it too late to get it added to the 2012 Olympics?

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