Playing the Games – What Is the Purpose of Sovereigns?

Posted on 6 January, 2011 10:50 am

Part of a series of blog posts about playing Quest Board Games.

In this post we’ll look at sovereigns;

  • why you need them
  • how to get them

In the Quest Board Games there’s probably no piece more important that the sovereigns.

Yes, the purpose of the game is to collect the letters so that you can make up the word ‘QUEST’. However, in your epic journey around the map you can – and will – need to you pay your way.

For example, in Irish Quest you’ll need sovereigns to travel via the ferry, or if you choose the more expensive option, between the airports.

In English Quest you need to pay congestion charge to get into London in order to win the game. And you pay with a sovereign!

Using the “Jester“, “Destiny” or “Blarney” cards may incur a penalty. And, again, the currency for payment is the sovereign.

So, the sovereign is the currency of the Quest Games.

How to you get sovereigns?

Each player receives three sovereigns from the bank at the start of the game. This allows you to start travelling around the map.

In order to continue travelling you’ll need a certain amount of tactical thinking. If you find yourself without any sovereigns you must try and earn more by correctly answering category questions while trying to avoid incurring travelling costs.

If, at any point, you’re required to hand over a sovereign, but you don’t have any, then it’s game over for you. You need to retire from your Quest and go home.

Have you had any lucky escapes playing Quest Games where your last sovereign allowed you to go on and win?

Let us know in the comments!

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