The Perfect Game for Patriots; English Quest

Posted on 8 January, 2011 7:58 am

Today’s Burton Mail has a piece on English Quest, stating the following;

“This game is great for those who are patriotic as everything about the game is English. The one thing you learn very quickly is that you don’t actually know too much about the country we live in.”

National identity is important, right? Well, if you agree English Quest is the family board game for you! Particularly if you want to help your young uns learn more about what it is to be English, including learning about the history of our country, our achievements and our geography!

The Burton Mail review of English Quest continues;

“In an attempt to educate as well as entertain, a reference book cross- references to certain questions, offering you a more detailed and reasoned answer.”

This is essential for any parent playing board games with inquisitive youngsters. You know how it works, “but why did that happen, dad?” or, “but how did he do that, dad?”.

Rather than having to bluff or blag your way around these interrogations, simply turn to the Quest reference book, look up the question number and you’ll get all of the additional info you need to satisfy your diminutive questioner.

Our tip is to do this furtively, therefore giving the impression of being a brainiac.

The Burton Mail review concludes:

“Having tried the game a couple of times, I recommend playing when there is a large group split into teams so that you can combine mental power.

For those of you seeking an alternative to England — or Scotland, Wales or Ireland- based games, the same makers also produce a Coronation Street edition.”

We concur; make English Quest your game by playing it your way, especially if playing with younger children (more on which in a future article).

Thanks to Burton Mail for their review! You can download a PDF of the article here;

Burton Mail Review of English Quest

And if you haven’t picked up a copy of English Quest yet, you can do so from our official website.

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