A Dog Called Mr Woo

Posted on 17 February, 2011 21:17 pm

Yesterday on Coronation Street Quest‘s Twitter we asked:

Who bought a dog called Mr. Woo in 2002?
a. Eileen Grimshaw b. Rita Sullivan c. Geena Gregory

Coronation Street Quest is a board game designed to not only test your encyclopaedic knowledge of Corrie, but also beef up what you already know.

So, did you know the answer is b. Rita Sullivan?

Maybe you did.

However, did you know this juicy morsel of Corrie trivia?

Seeking company in her old age, Rita purchased Mr.Woo from a customer at The Kabin. While Rita went away on a cruise, Emily Bishop agreed to look after the dog.

Unfortunately, Norris Cole accidentally killed Mr. Woo by feeding him too much chocolate. He bought an identical-looking replacement, only for Rita to decide to sell him to some breeders upon her return.

If you did, then congratulations; you really do know your Corrie.

If not, then don’t worry. Coronation Street Quest board game comes with a Quest Quiz book within which are all sorts of extra pieces of information to help expand your knowledge of your favourite soap.

Coronation Street Quest publishes daily Quest Quiz Questions on Twitter and is active on Facebook.

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