Fill in the Gaps in Your Corrie Knowledge

Posted on 12 February, 2011 19:04 pm

Which of the following did not die in a car crash?

a. Judy Mallett b. Len Fairclough c. Don Brennan

This was the question asked on yesterday’s Coronation Street Quest Twitter update.

How is your Corrie knowledge?

Sometimes we can answer a question, but we can’t remember the details surrounding the characters or circumstances described.

That’s where the Quest Quiz Book comes in so handy when playing Coronation Street Quest.

Questions with additional background information are identified by a small, black dot.

Find the relevant question in the Quest Quiz Book supplied with Coronation Street Quest and you’d get this helpful paragraph:

Which of the following did not die in a car crash?

a. Judy Mallett

Judy was involved in a minor skirmish when another motorist rammed Vera Duckworth’s car in a car park. She suffered pains in her leg for days afterwards but refused to see a doctor, and died of an embolism alone at home. It later came to light that Vera’s son Terry had sold his mother the car, knowing that it was a death trap.

It really is the best way to not only test your Corrie knowledge, but also fill in some of the gaps too.

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