Lying About Being a Scot?

Posted on 11 February, 2011 9:43 am

We all know that being a Scot is something special to be treasured.

But would you lie about being Scottish when you weren’t?

Yesterday’s question on Scottish Quest‘s Twitter feed was:

Where was the actor David Niven born?
a. London b. Lossiemouth c. Kirriemuir

This may seem like a strange question to be asked while playing the Scottish Quest board game.

But the little black dot next to the question indicates that there’s more info on the answer to be found within the pages of the Quest Quiz book.

So, for those curious about the answer to this one:

Where was the actor David Niven born?

a. London

David Niven told everyone, even his children, that he was born in Scotland in the Angus village of Kirriemuir. The truth was he was born in London as revealed in his birth certificate, which was discovered after his death.

So proud to be a Scot, even though he wasn’t!

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