Jez Quigley and the Murder of Tony Horrocks

Posted on 1 February, 2011 11:41 am

Yesterday we asked;

Who was charged with the murder of Tony Horrocks in 2000? a. Colin Barnes b. Vinny Sorrell c. Jez Quigley

If you’d been asked this while playing Coronation Street Quest, you’d have noticed a black dot next to the question. This means you can find additional information about the answer in the supplied Quest Quiz Book.

Simply locate the question in the book and you’ll find this piece of juicy info:

After admitting to Tony’s murder to Steve McDonald, Jez went on trial, with Steve and Tony’s mother Natalie testifying against him. They were horrified when he was acquitted and swore vengeance on Steve.

Ooer. So, the answer to the question posed yesterday was c. Jez Quigley, but the blighter only got off with it!

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