Scaling the Heights of Mount Snowden

Posted on 10 February, 2011 11:20 am

Yesterday on the Welsh Quest‘s Twitter feed we asked you a question about Mount Snowden:

How far above sea level is the peak of Mount Snowden?
a. 1085m b. 1285m c. 1485m

The answer is 1085 metres.

The Welsh Quest board game aims to be educational, as well as fun to play. To that end we endeavour to supply you with more information about some of the answers.

So, if you’d been asked this question while playing Welsh Quest, you’d have noticed a small, black dot on the question card.

That means there’s more information on the answer within the Quest Quiz Book.

Find the question in the book and you’ll learn this:

Mount Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) is the highest peak in the Snowdon range, and indeed in Wales. The name ‘Wyddfa’, first recorded circa 1284, means ‘summit cairn’. It is thought that the name Snowdon is derived from old English words ‘snaw’ (snow) and ‘dun’ (hill), with the Latinised form of the name ‘Snowdonia’ referring to a wider range of the mountains.

There you go; fun and educational, all in one package.

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