The English Archer’s Longbow

Posted on 2 February, 2011 11:59 am

On Monday we asked:

What was the length of the longbow used by English archers in medieval times?
a. 3 feet b. 6 feet c. 12 feet
The answer supplied on the English Quest card is “6 feet”. However, the black dot on the question card indicates players can get additional information on the answer from the English Quest Quiz Book.
Simply find the question the book and you’d be greeted with this tidbit:

A¬†large¬†powerful yew bow was favoured by English archers. It was used to good effect in the Hundred Years War, to the point that the French removed the first two fingers from prisoners’ hands in order to stop them from being able to draw the bow.

This also explains where the “rude” two-finger gesture comes from…!

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