The Famous Red Grouse

Posted on 4 February, 2011 13:12 pm

This week on Scottish Quest’s Twitter page we asked:

Which indigenous Scottish bird would you associate with a popular brand of Scotch whisky?

a. osprey b. red grouse c. ptarmigan

The answer to this will be well known to any fan of Scotch whisky blended in Scotland; b. red grouse.

When you play Scottish Quest we aim to educate as you go along! To that end you’ll noticed black dots next to some of the questions on the cards.

This black dot indicates that there is additional information to flesh out the answer on the card.

So, locating the question above in the Scottish Quest Quiz Book reveals the following little gem of trivia;

The ‘Famous Grouse’ is an international best-selling blend of Scotch whisky, blended from the Glenturret single malt made in Scotland’s oldest single malt distillery, and is also very popular in Greece.

Now you can impress your friends over your next tipple of Scotch whisky with your font of knowledge, thanks to Scottish Quest.

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